Runic is an action-packed metroidvania currently being developed for PC (and hopefully PS4 soon). The game aims to bring a fresh new feel to the classic genre with the adaptation of RPG elements and a unique combo-centric combat system.


The world lies in ruin... crumbled by the sins of the past. Monstrosities and horrors scour the lands, while humanity is all but a fleeting memory. You are the last remaining Judicator, a member of an ancient order charged with the task of cleansing the world of evil. On your travels you will quickly discover that this is easier said than done.

How did this rotten world come to be? What has become of the other Judicators? As you search for the answers, you will be presented with many choices, and will soon come to discover that often the only thing separating good and evil is a thin and ill-defined line.


The Runic combat system is designed to be dynamic and interactive.

Sometimes it's not enough to just run in swinging. Certain enemies are best defeated using more unorthodox methods.

Some enemies can be supressed with a combo barrage. A sound mastery of the combo system is crucial if you really want to dish out the pain.

Combos are also just plain old fun...


Haven't had time to put together a proper trailer just yet, so in the meantime, please enjoy these complementary screenshots. It's on the house.

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